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    Hello and welcome to wncmail. wncmail is a free secure email service that is web based so you may check your email from any computer with internet access. wncmail is designed to be fast and secure. To get yourname@wncmail.com please click the sign up button to the left and follow the instructions there. All accounts at this point are created by hand to help prevent abuse of the system. If you would like to see how our service works, you can click on the check mail button and enter testaccount for the username and testaccount for the password. Once you are logged into the system, you can see how our service works. Send yourself an email from testaccount@wncmail.com. Notice all the features that are offered and that are included with your email account. You can even host your own personal web site here with just an email account.

    Linux shell accounts are also available. If you are interested in getting a Linux shell account or are interested in learning about them, please click the Linux shell button to the left. Linux shell accounts are also created by hand to help prevent abuse.

    The tools section contains links to the best free web tools on the internet. There are browsers, secure ftp clients, music sharing and much much more. Don't miss the link to Gimp on the tools page, Gimp is a graphics program that is in the same league as Photoshop. They both have their strong points, but Gimp is FREE. Check it out.

    We have added a shared area to the site. This area is designed to let users share pictures, ideas or whatever is on your mind. The image area is updated by hand to prevent abuse, so there will be no surprises. The guestbook that is on the shared page is designed to be a place to share thoughts. Please keep them as clean as possible.

Keep coming back as we are just getting started.

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